November 18, 2009

Can I Cook An Aged Frozen Turkey?

Can I cook a year old turkey?

If you have an aged turkey that's been chilling in the back of the freezer for ohhhh, say a year now - it's ok, go ahead and cook the bird. In fact, according to you can cook a turkey that's been lost in your freezer for up to four years. I wouldn't recommend dusting one off that's quite so old, but it's good news if that's all you're working with this year.

Our turkey was forgotten in the back of the freezer for just over a year now...but in our deffense it wasn't our fault. Corporate must have scored a great deal on mark down turkeys last year because hubby's job gave him one after Thanksgiving...there's top level planning for yuh. We were grateful for the free bird but had little use for it after the big day, and we are not one to waste a poor soul that has passed away for our simple meat-eating enjoyment - so hold on to it we did.

Ok, so now that you know you can eat the 15 pound ice chunk taking up space in the freezer you need to do some planning ahead. It takes several days to thaw a turkey in the fridge, which is the safest way to defrost of course. On average you want to plan for about 5 hours of thaw time per pound. Think of your 15 pounder...that's a lot of time, 75 hours in fact...3.125 days. With Thanksgiving just a week away make sure you clear the fridge for the chill-down zone. You'll want to place the turkey (in its original packaging) on a large platter or baking pan then put it in the refrigerator.

Now you're prepared right? Yea me neither, but I'm getting there! Any more turkey day planning tips to offer? Don't be shy.

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