December 23, 2009

My Fancy Challah Grilled Cheese

Not too long ago I decided to make my own homemade challah bread. I was the happiest girl on the block with my fresh fluffy loaf! So after devouring ohhhhh, half the loaf on my own -- I kid you not -- I was determined to find other uses for my bread. Of course you can go the baked french toast route, and why wouldn't you, but I wanted something different. Yes I have to be that difficult.

I prodded around my fridge, looking for inspiration for dinner. I have to tell you, there was little to work with folks, utterly pitiful. I had some sliced baby bella mushrooms, yum, the tail end of a smoked Gouda ball, double yum, and a few remaining slices of Havarti. Separately these things are mmmmmm in my book, but I questioned whether it would be a harmonious marriage. Eh, what did I have to lose?

Oh my my...try it, do it now, you'll be happy you did. The smokyness of the gouda and the mild saltyness of the Havarti....mmmmm - oh and the earthyness of the mushrooms, my goodness. Even though I was simply cleaning out the few remaining goodies in my fridge, I'd easily get all of these items to re-unite them once again and I urge you to do the same.
Not only is this sammy super scrumptious, it's also super simple.

Not-So-Recipe: Saute the mushrooms, which I bought pre-sliced, in a touch of olive oil. Lightly butter the slices of challah (not too thick) on one side and set in a frying pan open-face style over medium heat. Layer the cheese slices, havarti on one slice of bread and gouda on the other, and let them start to melt while the mushrooms are doing their thing. Once the mushrooms are nice and tender, place them over one slice of the bread. As soon as the cheese starts to melt and the bread is nice and golden sandwhich them together. Now you have nothing more to do but savor the gooey goodness!

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