February 22, 2010

Peachy Peach Pancakes

Ahhhh, National Pancake Day is only 1 day away and I'm so excited (as if you couldn't already tell)! We've already gotten ourselves started with the basic pancake mix that's hanging on our counters. Then we covered a fun and sweet lemon poppy seed pancake, de-lic-ious! We even threw in some simple syrup recipes to round it all out. And now I'll share with you my Perfect Little Helper's favorite pancakes; peachy peach pancakes. They are...well they're peachy, and super yummy!

I really only stumbled upon this recipe when I had an abundance of peaches lying around. Not wanting them to go to waste I figured making pancakes with them would be the perfect way to use them up, since the pancakes can in turn be frozen and enjoyed for weeks to come! Besides, who doesn't like a breakfast-for-dinner night once in a while?! What - it's National Pancake Day not National Pancake Morning so go ahead and set the dinner table! The great thing about making these for dinner, besides the bursting freshness of the ripe fruit, is that they're super quick - like all pancakes they whip up in a pinch.

There's something so summery and happy about bright orange peaches. I loved pulling out a few to pop in the toaster when the weather is nippy, summer in 60 seconds! The pancake itself is quite mild, not very sweet at all, so I went ahead and served these with some buttery syrup on top of the sliced peaches. The sweetness of the maple and the tartness of the peaches worked in perfect harmony.

When you can see the little fruity lumps in the batter you know it's going to be a juicy pancake!

Aren't they just so cute?! I have to admit though, not all of my pancakes turn out this perfect lookin!. With that precise crispiness around the edge and the gorgeous golden glow...I'm so not drooling right now...don't know what you're talking about...

HA! Now you're the one drooling. Ok, go on. Go make 'em and tell me they're not a good one to add to the list, I dare you.

Peachy Peach Pancakes (adapted from bettycrocker.com...again)
1 C whole wheat flour
3 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp packed brown sugar
3/4 C milk
1 egg
2 Tbsp veggie oil
1/2 C peaches, diced (if you don't have fresh you can substitute canned, drained peaches)
1/2 C peaches, sliced (optional, I used as a topping with some butter-maple syrup)

Beat the egg in a large bowl until fluffy. Whisk in all of the remaining ingredients, except the peaches, just until smooth. Stir in the diced peaches.

Grease and heat a large skillet or griddle over medium heat.
Pour slightly less than 1/4 cup of batter per pancake onto hot skillet. Cook until bubbles begin to form on top and the pancake is puffed and dry around the edges. Flip and cook on the other side until golden brown.

Top with sliced peaches and some syrup as you'd like.


  1. Looks so delicious with the peaches....!

  2. These look way yummy! Thanks for catching my error in my directions for Avalanche bars. I have corrected it. ;)

  3. Thank you, they really are nice and juicy!


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