April 12, 2010

Bloggin' Lovin'...I Stole It

I read tons of food blogs...tons, each and every day. I have so many favorites but there are a few that I'm sure to check in on daily. Joy (The Baker) is one of the gals that I'm currently stalking...admiring big time these days. When I saw this recipe she had for caramel popcorn I fell in love, ahhh sweet, salty caramely popcorn - we were meant to be.

Ummmm, so I guess I never really knew quite how...expansive popcorn kernels were. Nope, I've never made homemade popcorn before now, it's sad - I know it. So when the recipe says to pour the popped corn into a large bowl it really means a super-large bowl, otherwise this happens...

But it's ok, nothing a few hungry gals can't handle - quick clean up! I made this recipe for mine and My Perfect Little Helpers girls' night in. We made chicken salad croissants and our weight in caramel popcorn...yea we mostly had popcorn for dinner (but don't tell Hubby) and we loved every minute of it. How could you not when it's covered in salty, buttery, sugary yummy-ness.

Thanks Joy, you rock!

Here's her recipe, check her place out while you're there- you're totally going to fall in love.

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