February 11, 2014

Why I'm Donating My Post to Help Feed South African Schoolchildren

Well it's really rather straight forward...I'm donating my post today to help kids eat. Ok, so here's a little peek into the world of me; one of my top pet peeves = food waste. I volunteer at my daughter's school for lunch duty once a week. Fridays, as in many schools across our country, means pizza day for us. When I first saw the lunch plate I thought it was a joke. Each plate contained one slice of take-out pizza and 3 baby carrots....3! The proportions didn't add up, but as I watched the children, one by one, throw out all three baby carrots eagerly awaiting dessert, I understood. The school can't afford to waste money on things the kids will throw out, I get it. Every week I feel like I'm pleading with the kids to eat the carrots - just one, come on! My child is no different, the amount of food she wastes gives me anxiety, but I have an idea. My thought (nothing groundbreaking here) is to make lunch fun. So today I'm mixing things up a bit with sandwich-less lunches.

Ooo, here's a fun story: When my oldest daughter was in preschool, I dabbled in Bento Box lunches. They were a huge hit, especially with the teachers. So the director of the preschool asked me to do a class for interested parents...it was awkward. End of fun story. Throwing some meat, cheese, and tomatoes onto cute toothpicks is the easiest way to mix things up. My daughter used to love them so much...until she got in trouble for playing with the toothpicks after lunch at school one day - then we took a little hiatus. Today I'm surprising her with a toothpick revival - fruit skewers and breadless sandwich skewers. Isn't that a cute lunch?!

So as I was on my waste-not campaign a couple of weeks ago, I saw a few posters on Pinterest condemning food bloggers for doing what they do instead of caring about people who don't have food. That hurt me...I mean, I generally don't take things personally - but ouch!

Fast forward to last week when I saw a post on g+ about Feed South Africa partnering with The Lunchbox Fund to help raise $5000 to help feed 100 children a meal a day for one year. You know, this is a huge undertaking, but with the help of some really amazing food bloggers spreading the word and getting everyone to chip in, it's not unobtainable! Together we can make this happen. My family is skipping our weekly takeout pizza order this week and putting that money to this cause. Care to join me? (psst, the answer is totally yes...right?!) 

If you're totally awesome and want to hang out with the cool kids then go here to donate now! P.S., you're still awesome if you can't donate.

And here's my sandwich-less lunch for today...it makes me happy mostly - but it's really tasty too!

Still on the fence? Did you know that lack of food can diminish concentration, erode willpower, and strip away a child's potential? Compound that with prevalence of HIV/AIDS or the trauma of losing parents and loved ones, without food, a child's attendance and performance at school is severely jeopardized. Let's make a difference, even if it's just a few dollars, even if you have to maybe skip the coffee line tomorrow morning (just sayin').

Ok, go be cool - I'm on my way right now.

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