April 27, 2014

Chocolaty Nutty Banana Muffins

I saw this recipe in an All You magazine weeks ago and it has bounced around from clutter pile to clutter pile since the day I ripped it out. A week ago I bought one of those bargain bags of bananas that snags me every time. Even so, it still took me another week to pull my crap together and make these muffins.

When it comes to banana quick breads, there are quite possibly a thousand ways to reinvent the wheel. I'd have to say that I've tested about 489 of those.

April 17, 2014

Cake Fails and How to Recover

Here's a Happy Easter cake for you, isn't she pretty?!

This is really a sweet little cake born from the wreckage of a massive cake fail. I fixed it with a little glue...

April 10, 2014

Quick Stir Fried Rice: Leftover Lovin'

I have this problem. One week I'm on a total roll, rocking the dinner meal plan like nobody's business. Then the next  week ...month...I can't pull together more than a pot of mac & cheese. What's with that? Sometimes dinner has to be all about reinvention, and that's when leftovers are lovely.

We love Chinese takeout in this house, but there are always leftovers and they always always go to waste. I have a thing about food waste, but I have an even bigger thing about being too lazy to cook...